NOTE: If the application is listed as a "jar" file, it requires that you have a working "Java Virtual Machine" (JVM). Visit for a free JVM.

Music-related Apps

Currently available from for Windows-64 and Mac OSX systems.

More information here.

Image of Referenece Note Keyboard

Reference Tone Keyboard 1.1

Turn your laptop or desktop computer into 
a polyphonic musical keyboard! With the 
number row for black keys and the Q-W-E-R  
row for white keys, you can play chords and
melodies! This program is an easy way to 
get tuning notes or to play a drone for 
intonation training, or even for figuring  
out that elusive melody or chord change 
you just heard in your head or on the coffee
shop sound system.


This WIP digital theremin can
be played in real time with a
mouse. The vertical position
controls the volume and the 
horizontal position controls
the pitch. There are added 
controls for vibrato and timbre,
an optional keyboard graphic
to help with finding notes, and 
an echo unit for added spaciness. 
Can be down-loaded from here . Double click to run. Requires Java 8. Image of JTheremin GUI
Image of ShrutiDevi/PitchMaester GUI

Shruti Devi/Pitch Maester

This is a highly tunable drone
tool, useful either as a musical 
accompaniment or tanpura, or for 
intonation training. Can be tuned to 
temperaments such as Just or 
Pythagorean intonation.

An alpha (feature incomplete) release can be downloaded from

The current release can be downloaded from here. Double click the .jar file to run. Requires Java 8.

Plan for the next verion: add save/load, and timing controls so that the soundscape can evolve over time.

Image of Peaceful Brook GUI

Peaceful Brook

This app creates a peaceful
soundscape, making use of various
ambient sound-field tools that are
part of the PFAudio library, and 
FM-synthesis for the wind chime and
crickets. A wav file of El Cerrito
Creek (under 4 seconds long) 
plays continuously without
discernible looping. A single 
frog croak (1/2 second) is used to
create the illusion of many frogs
all croaking at once.

Circles Sounds Demo

Built to demo interoperability
 possible when using the PFAudio
library. The circle graphics are 
handled in a game loop thread. 
Their locations affect the volume
and pan of corresponding motifs
in the audio thread. The audio,
in turn, triggers flashes in the 

Currently available as a downloadable jar file. Working on redesigning this demo into a playable game.

Image of Circle Sounds Demo app
Image of Spiderbell Dashboard GUI

Spiderbell Dashboard

Real time synthesizer, plays up
to 20 bells polyphonically. The 
bells are synthesized via Frequency
Modulation (FM). The GUI has a 2D 
pad for triggering plays, with one 
dimension for pitch, and the other 
for timbre. There are also sliders 
for volume and duration, and a 
glowball visualization.

Currently available as a downloadable jar file.

Shepard Chord Builder

Available as a downloadable jar file.

image of Shepard Chord Builder app
Creates an audio illusion of 
continuously rising or falling 
tones. Works with up to three 
notes, playing as separate tones 
or as a continuous glissando. 
Output can be exported to 
a wav file that will play the 
illusion when looped.

A generative composition where five asynchronous loops are set into motion. Check the 'Drift' checkbox and the volumes of the loops will slowly evolve in a constrained-random fashion.

The Fivefold Way

Available as a downloadable jar file.

Image of Fivefold Way GUI


AudioCue is a Java class written for audio playback. The code is open source and free to use. It has most of the functionality of a Java Clip, but with additional capabilities such as real time volume, pan, and pitch controls, as well as concurrent playback.