Reference Note Keyboard

A lightweight polyphonic musical instrument

Image of Reference Note Keyboard application
Screen shot of Reference Note Keyboard

Have you ever wanted a musical keyboard on your desktop or laptop computer?

This nifty light-weight polyphonic keyboard allows you to play notes and chords ranging over almost five octaves.

To play, either mouse-click-and-hold a piano key graphic, or use your computer keyboard like piano keys: the number row is used for the black keys, the Q-W-E-R row is used for white keys. The leftmost key (TAB) is a C, and the rightmost key ("]") is an A.

Reference Note Keyboard with corresponding computer keys shown

Reference Note Keyboard with corresponding computer keys shown


The LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys will move between the different controls. The UP and DOWN arrow keys will change the value on the current control.

Suggestion: run two copies at once. Set up one to hold drone notes, and play a melody with the other.

REQUIREMENT: Desktop or Laptop computer with either 64-bit Windows or Mac OSX.

The program can be installed free of charge from the Indie friendly software source,, at the following URL:

[Once it is available, a promo will go here, linking to the more advanced intonation training tool: Tone Circle Drone.]