NOTE: The music-related applications linked on this page have been written in the Java language."Jar" files can be downloaded, then executed with a double-click, assuming you have a working "Java Virtual Machine" (JVM). Visit for a free JVM.

Graphics and Game Software

First example of SiVi's GUI

Second example of SiVi's GUI

SiVi, a Simplex noise Visualizer & GIF Maker

This tool started with
the goal of helping game
programmers manipulate 
layers of Ken Perlin's 
Simplex Noise, 
in the creation of noise-
based graphic textures.
It can now also be used
to create and export jpgs 
and gif animations.

The open source project can be found at

Solar plasma gif

The latest build, tutorial links, and additional information can be found at

Application can be downloaded from here.

Image of the puzzle game, Hexara


This work-in-progress is
puzzle game. The task is
to place a collection of 
mystical icons in a central
grid in a way that preserves
all the neighbor relationships.
More difficult puzzles can take
20 or 30 minutes to solve.
Peaceful background sounds
become more active as the
player comes closer to solving
the puzzle.

Starry Sky

The reusable code is for
making twinkling starry-sky 
graphics with a Perlin-noise 
generated galactic cloud.
You can specify the width 
and height of the rectangle, 
the number of stars, and the
likelihood of asteroids.

I don't know if I am going to take the time to make this code available. This site's home page, the puzzle game Hexara, and the "night" skin in the Drone Maester all make use of this code.

Animated GIF of twinkling stars


Getting Started with JavaFX Game Programming (for-Java-Programmers)

This tutorial has four short lessons, aimed at getting experienced Java game programmers quickly up to speed on JavaFX game programming basics. I emphasize overcoming some common gotcha's, covering the use of Eclipse, a basic overview of the graphics hierarchy, the preferred animation/game loop method, and how to capture keystrokes.

2D Terrain Maps for Side Scrollers: How to Modulate Strata with Perlin Noise

Ugh. Just attempted to reread this one. It badly needs a major rewrite.